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本文摘要:You can’t write a story about the rumored Apple smart pen — or iPen as it’s inevitably dubbed — without referring to two of Steve Jobs’ most famous dicta:要写出一篇文章描写传说中的苹果(Apple)智能笔——它当然不会被戏称为iPen,就决不托乔布斯的两个知名论点。


You can’t write a story about the rumored Apple smart pen — or iPen as it’s inevitably dubbed — without referring to two of Steve Jobs’ most famous dicta:要写出一篇文章描写传说中的苹果(Apple)智能笔——它当然不会被戏称为iPen,就决不托乔布斯的两个知名论点。“Nobody wants a stylus” (January 2007)“没有人想一支手写笔。”(2007年1月)“If you see a stylus, they blew it.” (April 2010)“如果你看见一支手写笔,那么他们一定搞砸了。

”(2010年4月)So when an Apple stylus patent gets approved (as one did in April), or another gets filed (as one did last week, the 10th so far this year), one of these quotes is usually trotted out for ironic effect.因此,每当苹果有手写笔专利获批(比如今年4月的一项专利)或是申请人另一项专利(比如上周这项专利,这也是今年为止第10件了)时,人们常常不会提到乔帮主的这两句遗训来营造嘲讽效果。But if you watch the video that started it — the Macworld 2007 keynote where Jobs unveiled the iPhone — you’ll see that what he actually said isn’t what people remember him saying.但如果你想到2007年Macworld大会上的主旨演说,也就是乔布斯公布iPhone那次,你不会找到,他亲口讲出的话,只不过和人们印象中的不完全一致。“How are we going to communicate with this,” he asks rhetorically, referring to the iPhone. “We don’t want to carry around a mouse, right? So what are we going to do? Oh, a stylus, right? We’re going to use a stylus. (Pause) Nooo. (Big laugh) Who wants a stylus? You have to get them and put them away and you lose them. Yuck. Nobody wants a stylus.”他语气散发出滑稽地说道:“我们如何和它(指iPhone)对话?我们想随身携带带着鼠标,对吧?那么我们怎么办呢?噢,手写笔,对吗?我们可以用手写笔。


呸,没人想用手写笔。”Note that Jobs didn’t say nobody would ever want a stylus. He said nobody wants a stylus as the primary input on a mobile phone. For that, fingers are better.留意,乔布斯并没说道,总有一天都没有人想要用手写笔。他说道的是没有人想要在手机上以手写笔作为主要输出方式。

对于这项工作来说,手指更为胜任。That there already is a stylus market — albeit a modest one — is evident on Amazon, where you can buy them on sale in packets of three for $6.99.从亚马逊网站就可以显现出,手写笔早已构成了一个市场,虽然规模还不是很可观。你可以在亚马逊上花6.99美元买上三个。


That Apple has a team of engineers working on building a better one is evident from the collection of more than 32 filings that Patently Apple’s Jack Purcher has helpfully assembled.科技博客苹果专利(Patently Apple)撰稿人杰克o帕彻早已登记了32个手写笔专利,这似乎解释苹果的工程师团队早已在研究生产一支更佳的手写笔。According to Purcher, the iPen is one of Apple’s longest-running projects, if not the longest. Apple Pay emerged 52 months after after its first public filing. Apple Watch is scheduled to ship less than 30 months after it first surfaced. Apple started filing stylus patents, according to Purcher, six or seven years ago, shortly after the iPhone shipped.据帕彻回应,iPen差不多是苹果耗时最久的项目之一。

苹果缴纳(Apple Pay)在首次登记专利后的第52个月就上线了。苹果手表(Apple Watch)从首次浮上到销售将近30个月。然而帕彻回应,苹果早于在六七年前就开始登记手写笔的专利,也就是在首款iPhone刚销售旋即的时候。

“Why is Apple spending so much engineering time and money on a project for 6+ years,” Purcher says, “if there isn’t a real chance of this becoming a real product down the line?”帕彻回应:“如果它没机会沦为一个现实产品,苹果为什么要历时六年多,在这个项目上花费这么多工程师的时间和资金?”If there is to be an Apple smart pen, he adds, we’ll probably see it roll out with the rumored iPad Pro. That jumbo-sized tablet, made with design, engineering and graphics professionals in mind, is now expected in first half of 2015.他补足道,如果苹果知道要发售智能手写笔的话,它最有可能与传说中的iPad Pro一起面世。iPad Pro是一款为设计、工程和图像专业人士打造出的巨屏平板,未来将会于2015年上半年问世。

“Steve Jobs wasn’t a big fan of the ‘dumb stylus’ of yesteryear that was basically a tiny plastic stick,” Purcherwrote in 2011, when Jobs was still alive. “And so he set out to reinvent it.”帕彻曾于2011年写到:“乔布斯并不讨厌以前那种基本上就是一根塑料棍的‘傻瓜手写笔’,所以他要求,新的发明者手写笔。”彼时乔布斯依然在世。I usually stay away from patent stories because most of what Apple files never ships. But 10 patents in one year is too many to ignore. To me, this feels like the watch did last summer. It feels like we’re getting close.我一般来说防止编写与专利有关的报导,因为大多数苹果登记的专利根本没变为实物。




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