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本文摘要:When it comes to bugs like bacteria and parasites, weve been trained to think that less is better. But there are some good guys in the microbial world — bugs that do the unglamorous work of keeping us regular and helping to relieve a range


When it comes to bugs like bacteria and parasites, weve been trained to think that less is better. But there are some good guys in the microbial world — bugs that do the unglamorous work of keeping us regular and helping to relieve a range of disorders from diarrhea to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Now, a new study suggests that the same microbes may even help us stay slim.当谈及细菌和寄生虫的时候,我们习惯性的都指出越多越少。实质上在微生物界中有一些好虫子的,它们做到着乏味无趣的工作来保持我们的身体长时间运转,还能防治从呕吐到肠道失调综合症的病症。现在新的研究找到这些微生物甚至协助我们维持苗条。

In the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, researchers at the University of Arizona and the Mayo Clinic in Arizona report a very small study of nine individuals — three of normal weight, three who were morbidly obese and three who underwent gastric bypass surgery. The team found that each group harbored a different intestinal zoo of microbes, and that following their surgery, the gastric bypass patients gut bugs ended up looking much more similar to those of the normal weight patients.在一项美国国家科学院亚利桑那州大学和马奥医院的研究者们展开的小范围试验中,有9个被观测者,三个长时间体重,三个肥胖症,还有三个要做到胃旁路手术的病人。研究团队找到有所不同组的人体肠道中的菌群是几乎有所不同的。在手术后,那三个有胃病的人最后的肠道菌群逆的和长时间体重的病人相似了。

While these results are only preliminary, they do point to an entirely new way that doctors and patients might be able to tackle the growing obesity epidemic in the U.S. This study suggests that the differences in the organisms may play at least some role in why people lose the weight they do, says Dr. John DiBaise, a gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic and one of studys authors. Ultimately, we may not only be able to manipulate the microbes of obese individuals to look like those of normal weight people, but we might also potentially be able to predict a persons susceptibility to obesity.虽然这些结论只是初级的,但它显然为医生和病人减少美国日益增长的肥胖症比率关上了一扇新的大门。作为这项研究的主要研究员,马奥医院的胃肠病学家约翰.迪拜瑟医生说道:“这项研究解释这些微生物认同在在人们的节食过程中扮演着了什么角色。如果弄得好,我们有可能不仅让胖子们的肠道菌群和正常人的一样,还可以预测一个人会会逆胖。

”What might be happening, suspects DiBaise, is that each persons ability to extract energy and store fat from food changes depending on which combination of bugs are living in the gut. Those who are morbidly obese, it seems, tend to nurture bugs that promote the fat storage process, which might be a factor in their excessive weight gain. The bypass patients appeared to follow a similar pattern but in the opposite direction, eating less first and then developing bugs appropriate to that diet. Its not clear how the physical act of reducing food intake drives that change, nor how long-lasting the possible slimming effects of the new bug population will be.拜瑟医生猜测,每个人吸取营养、存储脂肪的能力和自己的肠道菌群的种类人组息息相关。胖子们的或许在肠道内圈养了一群不会提升脂肪存储的微生物才造成了他们的体重增加。而那些胃旁路患者也回头了完全相同的路,不过方向恰好忽略,不吃的少,也就教导了合适节食的菌群。

对于运动和增加食物摄取如何影响这种变化和这些节食效果能节食的新菌群能坚决多久还不是很确切。But none of this means that downing the latest probiotic yogurts, which contain certain strains of good gut bacteria, should be the next weight loss craze. For one, says DiBaise, the strains that were dominant in the normal weight people are not the same as those promoted in the popular probiotic yogurts. Second, there is no evidence that probiotic products can do anything about weight loss; the latest scientific studies have shown only that probiotics can relieve antibiotic-related diarrhea, as well as alleviating IBS and aiding regularity. It is interesting to look at microbial flora, says Lynne McFarland, an epidemiologist at the Puget Sound Veterans Administration Medical Center, who was not affiliated with the study. But I would not run out and eat a lot of yogurt because of this.但是这些结果不意味著喝所含一些良性菌的近期酸牛乳不会沦为下一个节食风潮。拜瑟医生说道,首先,人体肠道中的菌群和算数牛乳的菌群是不一样的。


没参予本研究的皮热老兵身体健康管理医疗中心的流行病学家林恩.马克弗兰说道:“仔细观察微生物菌从是很有意思的,那我也无法因此跑出去不吃一大堆酸乳酪啊!”At least, not yet. More studies are needed to follow the same people as they lose weight through diet and exercise, to see if the composition of their gut flora changes — as it did with the gastric bypass patients. Whats more, notwithstanding the seemingly cause-and-effect link between gut flora and weight, that relationship can be deceiving; a third factor entirely may be causing both — a diet of highly processed foods, for instance, suggests Dr. David Katz, director of the Yale Prevention Research Center. Whats more, says Katz: Regardless of the variation of gut flora in the population, the entire population is getting heavy. So probiotics might tweak ones personal vulnerability to obesity, but they would not much move the big dial [on the obesity epidemic], he says. Still, as anyone fighting the numbers on the scale knows, every little bit helps — even something a little as a bacterium.最少,现在还敢。还必须做到更加多的试验。仔细观察同一些人在节食和磨练后他们的肠道菌群人组变化否和那些胃旁路手术的病人的一样。





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